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Internet Movie Database
Searchable site with reviews, facts and trivia for current and older movies. Includes tv and movie news, top movies, and recommendations.
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What the Riff?!?
Join Rob, Bruce, Wayne, and Brian as they talk about a Rock and Roll album that debuted or peaked during a given month and year. Rediscover old favorites and find new ones.

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How can I get my site listed in the JoeAnt Directory?
Submit your site for review by joining as an editor (free) or pay a one-time fee of $39.99 for our Speed Pass review. All submissions must be approved by a JoeAnt editor.

How long does a site review take?
Editor submitted sites are reviewed by volunteers and the time required will depend on the number of reviewing editors available, the number of submissions, and whether or not the submission follows our guidelines.

Speed Pass reviews are done by staff editors and will be completed within five business days. The reviewing editor will make sure the listing is in the most appropriate topic and that the title, URL, and description are all correct and meet JoeAnt guidelines.

How do I know what topic is the most appropriate one for my site?
Search for your keywords. If you see a site in the search results that looks as though it may be similar in type to yours, click on the "Related" link next to that search listing to go to the topic in which that site is listed. Look at the listings in that topic (also check its subtopics and "See Also" listings) and decide which is the most appropriate for your site.

My site was accepted, why can't I see the listing?
We update our database once a week and new listings will not show in the public view until after the update. If it has been over a week since your site was accepted, use the search on our index page to search for your URL. Find the listing in the search results and click on the "Related" link. This will take you to the topic in which it is listed.

Can I submit internal pages from my site?
Please submit only the main URL for a site. Some exceptions may be made for subsections of mega sites when there is enough content in the subsection (equal to a stand-alone site).

Can I use my keywords for the title?
We use the name of the business or domain name as the title for commercial sites. All other sites must use the title a visitor to the site sees on the pages of the site. Titles may be in English or the primary language of the site if other than English.

What information should my site description include?
Descriptions should use objective language to tell what the site has to offer its visitors. Commercial sites may include a brief description of the type of business. Use sentences and do not simply list keywords. Capitalize the first word of each sentence and proper nouns only.
Descriptions must be in English.

Is there a way to guarantee my site gets listed?
Yes, have a site that offers information or services that are of value to visitors. Other than that, there is no sure thing. All editor submitted and Speed Pass sites must be reviewed and approved for listing by an editor.

Sites must be completed (not under construction) and have sufficient content to be considered for listing.

How are sites rated?
Sites are judged based on the reviewer's experience and in comparison to other sites of the same type and websites in general and must meet or exceed JoeAnt's basic standard of "good" to be accepted for listing. The better the site in regards to quality and quantity and the resulting user's experience on the site, the higher the rating.

December, 1999:
Received word that Disney's Internet portal,, was planning a major overhaul and current editors for the once popular online directory were no longer a part of their online strategy.

May, 2001: launches, providing a new home for the inseparable community. BusinessWeek gives us a huge shout out.

August, 2002:
A new look was revealed that we hoped would handle the growing ant infestation. Notable changes included optimized search queries, additional editing tools and a much friendlier index.

December, 2004:
JoeAnt's 10,000th editor volunteers.

February, 2007:
JoeAnt's 20,000th editor volunteers. Over 9,400 accounts have been deleted to-date for violations and inactivity.

As of 2021 - has been mentioned in over 30 books in 5 different languages.

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